Periodontal treatments are used when a patient has developed gum disease. We will work with you to solve any periodontal issues and preserve your smile. At each cleaning appointment we check for signs of periodontal disease.

1 How do I know if I have gum disease?

Some of the noticeable symptoms are bad breath, puffy or inflamed gums, tender or bleeding gums, visible tarter build up, and loose teeth. To know for sure, one of our hygienists will do a periodontal screening where they will evaluate your x-rays and measure the gum pockets around your teeth.

2 How is gum disease treated?

Once periodontal disease is diagnosed, the next recommended step is to have what’s called a scaling and root planing, also known as an SRP. This deeper cleaning is usually completed in 2 appointments because it is a thorough debridement, including sub gingival scaling. This takes longer than a traditional cleaning due to the severity of potential infection and bone loss associated with periodontal disease. Following the SRP appointments, it’s recommended to keep up with perio maintenance cleaning appointments every 3 months.

3 Why do I have to come back so often for perio maintenance?

Gum disease increases bacteria levels which causes more aggressive bone loss and growth of tartar. Having cleanings every 3 months is the general standard of care and what’s allowable under most insurance plans.

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