Why Choose Us?


We start early every day to give our patients the option to come in before work or school. Our aim is to make visits to the dentist easy and even enjoyable (that is why there are cookies in the waiting room)! Our team is highly skilled and experienced, and we keep things friendly and energetic around the office. Customer service is important to us, so we do whatever we can to help our patients have a positive, personalized experience. Note: we are a latex-free office.


Dr. Smith and Dr. Benson are continually learning because they love this work and want to give patients the best care possible. They are confident in their work and want you to have confidence in your healthy smile. Our dentists and team practice with compassion, especially so that anxious patients can feel safe and comfortable in the office. Many of our patients have been able to overcome much of their dental anxiety after getting to know and work with us.


We provide full family care, including children and those with special needs. In our office, we focus on preventive and conservative care when possible. Our team members love to answer questions and want you to understand your oral health. If treatment is required, we want you to feel comfortable with the treatment plan. Digital X-rays are used for maximum clinical diagnosis and minimal radiation. We offer sedation, general and specialty dentistry all under one roof. We use state-of-the-art labs for restorations and maintain updated materials.

Cosmetic Work

We complete cosmetic cases regularly, including complicated restorations. Our dentists and team have an eye for detail, and we want you to be confident and satisfied with your smile. The lab professional that we use for cosmetic restorations has been perfecting his craft since 1974! Whether it is a single veneer or a full smile makeover, he has our full trust. We gladly schedule cosmetic evaluations with a no-pressure policy so that you are in charge of your care. We also offer in-office whitening for maximum effect!

If you are ready to get started on dental care in Sandy, Utah, we encourage you to contact Smith Dental Care today at 801-572-2250 and ask for a visit with Dr. Joshua Smith or Dr. Chase Benson!